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Orion Adds Coronavirus, Inflation Offerings

Orion is adding a number of new models to its TAMP and model marketplace, including two focused on inflation and COVID-19.

With a new release, Orion is helping its advisor clients gear up for potential economic shocks, including possible worsening of the pandemic and an increase in inflation. The firm's TAMP offering, Orion Portfolio Solutions, is offering a duo of proprietary strategies from its own strategists emphasizing biotech firms fighting COVID-19 and another built around metals and mining, according to an announcement. It’s also adding new strategies from State Street.

The Orion-built thematic stock and direct indexing offerings, called U.S. Biotechnology and U.S. Metals and Mining, are designed and managed through Orion’s SMA portfolio tool, Astro. In addition to their availability on Orion’s TAMP, the strategies are also available on Orion’s model marketplace, called Communities. 

The biotech model is equally weighted and invests in companies developing vaccines, antiviral and other COVID-19 treatments. The metals model uses direct investing to purchase small-cap stocks. 

“Not only is our platform home to a growing selection of model portfolios from industry-leading strategists. We can also call on our own investment management team’s hands-on expertise and proactive thought leadership,” said Rusty Vanneman, CIO at Orion, in a statement. Orion’s strategy builders “address real demands in a way advisors and clients won’t find anywhere else.”

Meanwhile, advisors on the Orion platform will also have access to new State Street model portfolios. The new strategies cover asset allocation, tax-sensitive and income strategies.

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