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(From Left) Matt Schreiber, Chief Executive Officer & Don Schreiber, Jr., Chief Visionary Officer, WBI Investments

New Robo "Cy-Borg" Launched By WBI Technologies

Going by the shortened name of Cy, the new offering purports to combine the human and algorithmic in its investment mojo, though not in the conventional sense.

The WBI family of firms based in New Jersey, including WBI Technologies and WBI Investments, a provider of institutional, private client wealth management strategies and TAMP solutions, announced the launch of Cy, its own robo offering on Thursday.

Cy,” which is literally short for “Cy-Borg” according to a prepared statement, represents a “revolutionary” digital wealth management TAMP platform, one that combines the human and automated.

On the human side Cy’s algorithm sifts through thousands of managers and strategies to find and rank those with the highest risk adjusted returns. After this, Cy’s machine learning engine runs thousands of portfolio simulations to engineer portfolios constructed with highly ranked managers aiming to develop the best portfolio for achieving the client’s established benchmarks.

According to the statement the new automated investing platform combines quantitative research, advanced mathematics and machine learning to optimize both manager selection and portfolio construction. In terms of its core underlying methodology, Cy integrates passive index, actively managed, and alternative products—the goal being to build portfolios that can perform better across full market cycles.

Cy’s process is based on the client’s investment assets, income, qualified plans, government benefits, as well as their projected retirement income need. Inflation assumptions are integrated to help ensure investors do not outlive their income streams.

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