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InvestCloud Launches App Alignment Feature

Called InvestCloud White, the tech provider is unveiling a true wealth management platform to align the features it's developed over the past decade.

InvestCloud has been building advisor goodies for a decade; now, it’s created the packaging to go with them. Today, the financial services tool builder announced the launch of InvestCloud White at its conference in Miami. The latest feature is designed to bring some 300 “pieces of functionality,” built and sold by InvestCloud, together into different workflows and configurations to support individual advisors and even asset managers eager to roll out their own turnkey asset management programs (TAMPs).

Prior to White, InvestCloud organized its tools around six themes that included client-centric, advisor-centric, product-centric and business intelligence-style apps. Now that White is available, clients will have a new way of integrating the functionality into a customizable workflow.

“White is really the packaging and the amalgamation,” said Yaela Shamberg, co-founder and chief product officer of InvestCloud. “It’s basically a ready, set, go platform” instead of a menu of individual tech tools.

One of the first asset managers to use the new feature is investment management services provider Westwood Holdings Group. Because White supports TAMP functionality, firms with asset management capabilities can use InvestCloud’s offering to align apps into a turnkey solution, noted Shamberg.


“Designed from the ground up to be an intuitive and seamless experience for advisors and clients alike, InvestCloud White will help move us closer to our goal of creating a leading, holistic, digital client experience that can be accessed anywhere, anytime on all popular devices,” added Brian Casey, president and CEO at Westwood Holdings Group, in a statement.

Users of the new feature will be able to “step out of the technology race,” predicted Shamberg. “Technology changes a lot in this space and certainly has in the last five to ten years. All these shops need to try and keep up with that—and that’s hard.”

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