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Hype or Not

Hype or Not? Episode 4: Martech

Industry consultant Tim Welsh and Senior Tech Editor Davis Janowski debate the merits of digital marketing technology in the advisor space.


Digital marketing technology is hot, with news coming out regularly on some of the biggest martech platforms out there in the wealth management space. Companies such as Snappy Kraken and FMG Suite are growing rapidly, adding new capabilities and using their capital to acquire other providers in the space.

In the latest episode of’s Hype or Not? video series, Nexus Strategy President and CEO Tim Welsh and Senior Tech Editor Davis Janowski argue the merits of marketing technology. Janowski takes the position that it’s hype, arguing these platforms have historically failed to deliver on their promises to bring advisors leads that would actually turn into clients. That’s despite the fact that advisors invested a lot in such martech.

Tech promoter Welsh takes another view, saying that in today’s world, these companies have really elegant campaigns. Underneath the hype, there are some interesting innovations and promise to the technology, but many advisors just don’t know how to use it.

Listen in to see who will win this one.

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