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roger-pine-holistiplan-presenting.jpg Photo by Samuel Steinberger
Holistiplan co-founder Roger Pine

Holistiplan Announces Revamped Pricing, New Features

Holistiplan's planned improvements include support for ACA subsidy calculations and AMT.

Digital tax return review and planning tool Holistiplan will be offering new pricing tiers beginning November 11, the firm revealed in an announcement. Alongside revamped pricing, the firm plans to add a number of new features, including support for Alternative Minimum Tax features, over the next month. Founded by Roger Pine and Kevin Lozer, Holistiplan won XY Planning Network’s 2019 fintech competition last month

Holistiplan users currently have three pricing tiers, plus an enterprise option, that ranges from 10 returns per month to 300 returns per month (from 120 returns per year up to 3,600 returns per year). Users pay a monthly fee. 

The pricing revamp, however, will be based on tax returns uploaded per year—and charged at an annual rate. Holistiplan users who purchase access to the tool after November 11 will incur an annual fee ranging from $449 for 50 tax returns uploaded per year all the way up to $30,000 for 5,000 tax returns. Legacy users will retain their current pricing structure. 

After adding support for Forms 8889, 8959 and 8960 and Schedule SE in October, Pine and Lozer plan to make usability improvements to the main dashboard and tax scenario screens. “We let form follow function so far, but the time has come to let form catch up a little bit,” the duo noted in their announcement. The firm will also be adding support for AMT, Affordable Case Act subsidies and—following Thanksgiving—“officially” beginning work on 2019 tax forms. 

The firm is also hiring new personnel, due to demand generated from the more than 300 subscribers using the tax tool.

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