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Fidelity: It's Never Too Late To Reevaluate Your Technology

Tricia Haskins, VP of digital strategy and platform consulting with Fidelity Institutional, discusses tech and how new entrants are finding their niche.


Reevaluating your firm’s technology solutions, including a review of what integrations are available, is a valuable annual exercise, according to Fidelity Institutional’s Tricia Haskins, VP of digital strategy and platform consulting. That’s because each firm has different technology needs and there are a plethora of platforms designed to meet those needs. In fact, not even the custodian giants like Fidelity have all the answers, leaving room for smaller startups and new entrants into the advisor technology marketplace.

Haskins also noted direct indexing technology could present itself as an opportunity for great engagement with clients. New technology should never be seen as an end-all, she cautioned, rather it is a means to improving the advisor’s knowledge of each client they serve.

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