APP Review: LogMeIn

Looking for a way to run your office computer from your iPad or Android device? LogMeIn is an encrypted app that lets users tunnel into their desktop and stop worrying if they’ve backup up data on to a mobile device before they left for the day. The app is even cross platform; Microsoft and Apple may be competitors, but here they can be friends. While free for iPad and iPhone users wanting access to their PCs and Macs, Android users are charged $29.99. And to run your PC or Mac anywhere, even the home computer, users pay $69.95 a year per machine (although bundling is available.) But at that level you can pull and print documents from a remote computer to an onsite location, transfer data, share a desktop with clients—even play the MP3s from your home iMac. It’s like carrying your desktop computer in the palm of your hand.

TAGS: Technology
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