App Review: Cheat Sheets

App Review: Cheat Sheets

Getting up to speed on every client’s passion is practically impossible. Sure you glean some basic details—the name of their favorite sports team, or whether they raise orchids or roses. But imagine offering a sample of your latest croissant to an enthusiastic bread baker, or suggestions on how to better pot a bare-root rose to a fixated horticulturalist. is your cheat sheet — an online site and app that proffers content beyond Wikipedia. Readers can pick up skills, tips and information from Learn Boards, produced by users. You can follow, share and even produce your own Learn Boards as well. More importantly? You can haunt for your clients. Maybe you’re hoping to pick up a new skill this year — or maybe you’re hoping to impress a new client. Try And watch your clients thank you…in earnest.

TAGS: Technology
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