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App Review: Calltrunk- Instant Replay for Phone Calls

App Review: Calltrunk- Instant Replay for Phone Calls

No one has time to transcribe calls. But try to relocate something a client said during a recorded conversation—sometimes important for compliance purposes. There’s lots of rewinding going on. Not so with Calltrunk. Calls are recorded from any device — mobile, Skype or the office line — and stored in the company’s cloud-based servers. Users can pull up these calls from their phones or from a PC and search a recording for key terms. Instantly. Pricing is tailored from 8 cents a minute for those who just want to use the app sparingly, to $49.99 a month for unlimited phone and Skype minutes. There’s a 30-minute free trial—just enough for a quarterly check-in with that speed-talking client.

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