After the Plan: Guiding Personal Trustees

Tuesday, March 29, 2016 2:00 pm ET/11:00 am PT


How often do you set up a trust naming an individual trustee or co-trustee?


Do you wonder what happens after your work is done, and do you ever worry whether your plans might be thwarted because the individual named as trustee doesn't know what it means to be a trustee, and how to do it well?


In this webinar, Patricia Angus, author of a plain-English primer on trustee duties, will discuss what she calls the "perfect storm" of the increased use of trusts combined with the inter-generational wealth transfer that's colliding with all the trustees who aren't educated on their duties and responsibilities.


She will talk about how to combine "heart" and "mind" in helping clients get started as trustees or to refresh their learning if they're already acting as one. She will also give guidance to attorneys and financial advisors who may be asked to act as trustees for their clients.


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Trust & Estates

Our Speaker
Patricia Angus, JD, MIA, TEP, Founder & CEO, Angus Advisory Group, LLC