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401(k) Real Chat: Brock Johnson

Brock Johnson, Morningstar's president of retirement solutions, answers probing questions on critical issues facing retirement plan advisors.


In 401(k) Real Chat, Fred Barstein, contributing editor to's RPA Edge portal, invites the most interesting, innovative and impactful retirement and wealth management professionals, asking them to be provide open, honest and candid answers to important and difficult questions.

This week, Fred hosts Brock Johnson, president, retirement solutions at Morningstar Investment Management, asking:

  1. It seems like managed accounts and especially advisor managed accounts are taking off. Can you give our listeners a status and why you think it is growing?
  2. It seems like the key for advisor managed accounts is connectivity to record keepers. Can you explain how you do that and how many record keepers you work with?
  3. Some providers are using managed accounts as the QDIA. Have you seen that happening? What are challenges? What is usage of managed accounts if they are not the default.
  4. Retirement income seems to be starting to be embedded within managed accounts. Are seeing the demand and what are the challenges? Portability? Engagement?
  5. How do you see managed accounts evolving in the future?


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