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Advisor Views on Marketing Support 2018 Download

Advisor Views on Marketing Support 2018 Download

Advisors Want Marketing on Their Terms — Targeted to Their Needs. Download the full report.

Successful marketing involves meeting your audience’s needs and interests in a way that engages them over the long term. The key component: What does your audience value? For their part, advisors are more likely to find value in fact sheets and value-added practice support than in other marketing materials. They also report a higher level of interest in economic and market insights as well as business-building techniques. These were just some of the findings of a recent and FUSE Research Network survey of more than 500 advisors and financial professionals about their experience with marketing.

Among the study’s additional findings:
• Advisors say in-person, face-to-face methods of communication, such as speaking at company events and participating in trainings, help them evaluate an asset manager.
• Most advisors haven’t seen a change in the marketing content sent to them by asset managers, although a third feel that content is becoming more targeted.
• Most advisors are free to access external investment manager websites, and they typically spread their attention across a broad range of asset manager websites.
• The timeliness of updates and the ease of navigation are important factors that advisors look for from asset managers’ websites.