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Keeping Up to Speed

Keeping Up to Speed

Bob McCann is the CEO of UBS Group Americas. He was recently chosen as one of the most influential figures in wealth management by the readers of Here he shares how he prepares for his week, the first thing he does in the morning and his favorite baseball team. 

One of the best pieces of advice I was given early in my career was ‘control your schedule, or it will control you.’ So I spend time over the weekend preparing for the week and the month ahead. I start by reviewing my calendar for the next four weeks, with a focus on the two weeks ahead. In doing this, one of my main goals is to make certain I am spending enough time with clients and our financial advisors. I also make sure my schedule is aligned with our strategy and priorities.

As part of my preparation over the weekend, I spend a lot of time reading. Everything from briefing documents on people I will meet or topics we will be discussing in upcoming meetings to research on other companies, the industry and UBS. That includes reviewing the financials for our business. 

I grew up in the business as a trader immersed in the markets, so I start every day the same way—I open my iPad, launch the Bloomberg app and read about what happened in the markets overnight. I pay particular interest to equities and bond futures activity and anything else that will gives an indication of what will likely happen in the US markets that day.

Then I read the news of the day, again with a focus on anything that will impact the markets and the wealth management business. I find having a point of view on the markets is important in conversations with any client or investor. 

At the end of the day, I review the activities and conversations I had and take time to recognize anyone who has had an especially good day or made a unique contribution to our business by sending them a note or an email.

Finally, on the way home, I read the New York Post—starting with the sports page and ending with Page Six. I also like to read mystery novels and political biographies when time allows. By the time I arrive home, I am up to speed on all the news and ready for some time with my family.

During baseball season, I try to close out the day by catching a ballgame on TV. I'm a Pirates fan and grew up in Pittsburgh watching the great Roberto Clemente. The current team has a talented group of young players and one of the best farm systems in the league. Because I have spent so much of my life in New York, I am also a Yankees fan. I am really looking forward to seeing what both teams can do this year.

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