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Tiburon Strategic Advisors Managing Partner Chip Roame

Charles 'Chip' Roame Leaves Envestnet Board

Chip Roame was a member of the Envestnet Board for nearly a decade.

Charles “Chip” Roame has resigned from Envestnet’s board of directors, according to regulatory filings. Roame’s resignation comes after the company completed its virtual advisor summit, and is effective June 26. He served as vice chairman of the board of directors and chairman of the Nominating and Governance and Strategy committees at Envestnet.

The resignation “is not related to any disagreement with Envestnet or with Envestnet’s operations, policies, or practices,” according to the filing.

"Envestnet continues to do well," said Roame, who was appointed to the board of directors in 2011. "It is just time for me to use my time on some new adventures."

He added that he will "probably join one or two more larger company boards soon." 

Roame is a managing partner at Tiburon Strategic Advisors and of the Tiburon Partners Fund. He previously served as a business strategist at Charles Schwab and as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company. He's currently a member of the Facet Wealth and Edelman Financial Engines' board of directors and a trustee with SA Funds.


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