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The Media Target Retail Financial Advisors

You, the financial advisor, are a popular man (or woman) these days. Everybody wants your attention. After all, your ranks are growing, and financially, you do pretty well for yourself. Indeed, some media outlets seem to be copying Registered Rep.’s tried and true three-decades-old model of providing targeted news, analysis and practice management tips and ideas specifically for financial advisors.

Just one example: The Wall Street Journal now has a Wealth Adviser supplement for financial advisors on Mondays. But Dear Reader, you saw it all here first! Indeed, we wonder: Do the Journal editors read us for some of their ideas? To wit, last Tuesday our columnist Anne Field ran a story about the benefits and drawbacks for a financial advisor of writing a book—and how to get it done. You can read that story here. Lo and behold, the Wall Street Journal has a flimsier version of that same story today in its Wealth Adviser supplement, “By the Book.”

A very good reason to keep on reading Registered Rep. We’ve got the goods before the mainstream media outlets do, and can keep you up to date and in the know like nobody else in this business. After all, we’ve been in this game for 30 years now.

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