Why Facebook Activity Matters: From ‘Likes’ to New Clients

Why Facebook Activity Matters: From ‘Likes’ to New Clients

Advisors who use Facebook often, connect freely with their clients and engage regularly are more likely to have acquired new clients.

Our 2016 Financial Advisor Research[1] uncovered that only 9 percent of financial advisors can attribute new clients to their Facebook usage.  Digging deeper, we found multiple activities that differentiate those 9 percent from the other 91 percent who’ve yet to crack the code. We discovered that the advisors who use Facebook often, connect freely with their clients and engage regularly (comment, like, share) were more likely to have acquired new clients.

Before you go on a ‘like’ binge, keep in mind that correlation does not imply causation. Thus, engaging in these activities does not guarantee you at least one new client using Facebook. We wish it were that easy! However, the correlation between activity frequency and client acquisition cannot be ignored. 

Is this finding revolutionary? Hardly. In our humble opinion, the Facebook success of this 9 percent comes down to three things—how visible, likeable and proactive they are.  

Visible: Our 2016 Affluent Consumer Research[2] found that 86 percent of those with $250K+ investable use Facebook, and 47 percent “always” or “very often” check Facebook when they wake up. Nearly half of the affluent are checking their newsfeed before brushing their teeth! Be more top-of-mind with your ‘friends’ by liking, commenting and sharing regularly.  

Likeable: Building better relationships with others creates positive ripple effects within your business. And building deeper, more personal relationships doesn’t have to only be done face to face—you can do it on Facebook as well. Conversing with your best relationships about their children, grandchildren, hobbies and interests is building personal rapport. It’s this type of rapport that leads to being likeable—undeniably one of the most essential components to earning someone’s business.

Proactive: Facebook offers a wealth of information about your clients’ interests and connections. How do you use it? We’re not advocating Facebook stalking, but if you notice a client post pictures of a new grandchild, send a baby gift. If they just posted vacation pictures with friends—who are these friends? Get creative, and put the intelligence to use.


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Stephen Boswell is the COO for The Oechsli Institute and co-author of Best Practices of Elite Advisors. Kevin Nichols is the Director of Coaching for The Oechsli Institute and co-author of The Indispensable LinkedIn Sales Guide for Financial Advisors.


[1] N=870, income $100K+ or assets of $250K+, Fielded Q1 2016

[2] n=379, Fielded Q1 2016

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