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How Financial Advisors can Subliminally Program Clients to Prospect for Them

How Financial Advisors can Subliminally Program Clients to Prospect for Them

Chicago:  “I know I might sound crazy to most people, but with your background in clinical hypnosis, I figured I’d take a shot and roll this by you,” prefaced Jason before asking “Is there any way to subliminally program clients to prospect for you?”

It’s helpful to think of subliminal programming as planting seeds, with hopes that with a little fertilization, there’s a call to action.   The typical beer commercial is a case in point; attractive young men and women are having the time of their lives drinking ABC beer. 

So yes, financial advisors can subliminally program clients to prospect for them.  The seeds you’re planting will take the form of well-timed words planted in the mind of a client.  Let’s take a look at how these seeds (carefully crafted words) can be planted.  I’ve segmented them into the 7 spheres-of-influence of the typical affluent client.  Your clients know people in each of these 7 spheres and by using the right language you can subconsciously reinforce the types of clients with whom you work best, in a subtle way. 


  • Colleagues – “We love working with executives at XYZ firm as we really understand their needs.  Getting a handle on the restricted stock issue is so important.”
  • Organizations – “We’ve found ourselves providing a lot of financial advice to members of the ABC congregation.  As your family knows, funding for college doesn’t have to change one’s lifestyle.” 
  • Neighbors –With all the families we work with in ABC neighborhood, I feel as though we’ve become part of the community.”
  • Family – “As a result of all the planning we’ve done for your immediate family, I feel as though I know enough about your extended family members to be advising them as well.”
  • Recreation – “At times it seems as though I’ve become the official financial advisor for golfers in the area – I love working with them and really understand their priorities, not to mention I love playing golf with them.”
  • Professionals – “We really enjoy working with attorneys as we’ve become very familiar with their unique needs.”
  • Friends – “I relate very well to professionals who work hard and play hard – like you and probably many of your friends, which is a big advantage in advising them on their finances.” 


Don’t go overboard with this.  If you do, your clients will become annoyed and there will be nothing subliminal about it.  Throw in these one-liners during conversation from time to time.  It needs to come across as natural and seamless.  The idea is to train your clients on the types of clients with whom you work best.  You are turning them into your unofficial sales force.

How do you fertilize these subliminal seeds you’re planting?  It’s as easy as it is subtle, continue  to socialize with them.



Matt Oechsli is author of Building a Successful 21st Centure Financial Practice: Attracting, Servicing & Retaining Affluent Clients.

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