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Eight Marketing Lessons from "Mad Men"

As the hit series “Mad Men” begins its long goodbye, many diehard fans are already in mourning. Few characters have captivated audiences – and the financial services sector as a whole – like the charismatic but tragically flawed Don Draper. It occurred to me that there’s a lot one could learn about marketing from Sterling Cooper Pryce and Don Draper. In fact, that is intentional.

Matthew Weiner, the show’s creator, once called Mad Men “science fiction in the past.” He explained that the show is written to explore and frame life lessons, issues and situations, and provide context for informed conversations. So while you’re getting your fix for your favorite show, it’s likely you might have accidentally learned something. How can you bring a little “madness” to your own practice? Here are a few marketing lessons advisors can learn from the show.

April J. Rudin is founder and president of The Rudin Group and a financial services marketing consultant.

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