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Michael Kitces Photo by Samuel Steinberger
XYPN co-founder Michael Kitces

XYPN Launches Virtual Internship Program

The program is aimed at helping college students whose internships were canceled due to the coronavirus.

Internships have been derailed or canceled for many college students due to the coronavirus outbreak. The XY Planning Network is launching a virtual internship program to help aspiring financial planners fulfill internship requirements and gain the experience necessary to get started in the business.

XYPN will connect potential interns with the 1,170 advisors in its network and help equip advisors with the tools they need to operate a productive virtual internship program. This assistance to firms includes outlining appropriate responsibilities for interns in a virtual format, an onboarding plan and templates to get them started.

“The inability of many advisory firms to adapt to a virtual work environment and instead cancel internships of students graduating with degrees in financial planning is disappointing to say the least,” said XYPN CEO and co-founder Alan Moore. “XYPN advisors will give them a meaningful opportunity to see what real financial planning entails, and support the development of a pipeline of talented fiduciary advisors that will benefit the industry at large.”

“The fact that XYPN advisors already frequently operate location-independent virtual firms makes them uniquely well-suited to quickly implement virtual internship programs for CFP program college students seeking new internship opportunities,” said XYPN co-founder Michael Kitces.

Aspiring advisors can apply on the XYPN website.  

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