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DeVoe & Co. Debuts Coaching Platforms for RIA Leaders

The programs will link top advisors and heads of firms with former RIA CEOs, who will offer guidance on how to make decisions in the midst of a volatile market.

A new coaching platform from DeVoe & Company purports to help registered investment advisors learn from premier leaders in the industry, helping them navigate turbulent market conditions, the consulting firm and investment bank for RIAs announced.

The coaching platforms include the Masters program, which will pair RIA leaders with former RIA CEOs to guide them through the kinds of decisions that heads of RIA firms need to make, and the Accelerators program, which will offer tools, coaching sessions and in-person meetings, as well as monthly webinars. David DeVoe, the managing director at DeVoe & Company, called the Accelerators platform a “virtual study group on steroids.”

“Program members can now benefit from the power of the intellectual capital of DeVoe & Company, their DeVoe managing director as coach, and the collective insight of a peer group—without leaving their home or office,” he said.

In Masters, in addition to managing directors from DeVoe & Company, RIA leaders will also have the opportunity to be coached by several “special advisors,” including Tim Kochis, the former CEO and chairman of Aspirant and the co-founder of Kochis Fitz; Peggy Ruhlin, chair of the board of directors at Budros, Ruhlin & Roe; and Jane Williams, the chairman and co-founder at Sand Hill Global Advisors. DeVoe said RIA leaders could benefit from seasoned advice from executives who had undergone their own tests of leadership.

“Through our coaching platform, advisors can access former heads of leading RIAs who have managed firms through markets like 2008,” DeVoe said. “Just as elite athletes hire coaches to take their game to the next level, today’s business leaders know that an experienced, trusted partner can accelerate the achievement of their goals.”

Recently, DeVoe spoke to about the impact the spread of coronavirus could have on the rate of RIA mergers and acquisitions, saying that a decline in the market was likely to lead to an increase in the velocity of deals being made.

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