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IRS Issues New Scam Alert to Tax Professionals

IRS Issues New Scam Alert to Tax Professionals

Beware of requests to verify your EFIN.

The Internal Revenue Service recently issued an alert (IR-2021-34), warning tax professionals about a new email scam that impersonates the IRS and attempts to steal electronic filing identification numbers (EFINs). The latest scam email says it’s from “IRS Tax E-Filing” with the subject line “Verifying your EFIN before e-filing.” The IRS warns professionals not to take any of the steps outlined in the email and not to respond to the email. According to the alert, the scammers are trying to steal client data and tax preparers’ identities so they can file fraudulent tax returns for refunds.

Body of the Email

If you or your client get an email with the following text, beware—it’s a scam:

In order to help protect both you and your clients from unauthorized/fraudulent activities, the IRS requires that you verify all authorized e-file originators prior to transmitting returns through our system. That means we need your EFIN (e-file identification number) verification and Driver's license before you e-file.

Please have a current PDF copy or image of your EFIN acceptance letter (5880C Letter dated within the last 12 months) or a copy of your IRS EFIN Application Summary, found at your e-Services account at, and Front and Back of Driver's License emailed in order to complete the verification process. Email: (fake email address)

If your EFIN is not verified by our system, your ability to e-file will be disabled until you provide documentation showing your credentials are in good standing to e-file with the IRS.

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