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A Truly Comprehensive WM Platform?

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May 22, 2017 5:42 pm


I am hoping to leverage the collective knowledge here to further explore an opportunity/concept I have been contemplating and developing for years.

Do you know of any firms who's ambition is to enable financial advisors with an entirely comprehensive financial services platform? As far as I can tell, no firm in existence seems to to deliver a scalable family office model for financial advisors.

What I mean by this is: Are there any firms who take on the back office and admin work necessary to centralize all data and tools in order for a fiduciary to administer all major aspects related to an individual clients wealth and financial interests? I imagine a firm focused on making it as simple as possible for a fully credentialed fiduciary (JD, CPA, CFP, etc.) to be able to manage everything financially related for clients, through leveraging the latest technologies and managing the necessary product/service affiliations. The breadth of services I am considering includes enabling the financial advisor to offer at least the following:

-Investment portfolios (advisory services)

-Insurance/risk management (Life/Health and P&C)

-Cash-flow reporting and services (think Mint)

-Loan originations and refi's

-Tax filings

-Basic legal documentation (estate plan docs, basic biz formations, etc)

- Real estate/property titling and transactions

I recognize that this platform would only be useful to extensively credentialed and licensed financial advisors. Are you aware of any major regulatory restrictions that would stop a firm like this from existing? I look forward to your thoughts and input.


Samuel D. Dias