UBS grid, bonuses, etc

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Sep 13, 2006 5:47 pm

As another post went into, McDonald got bought out by UBS.  I was looking at their grid and had questions for UBS advisors.  It seems UBS really doesn’t want anyone to do any transactional business…at all.  From what I understand, the advisor is charged a $12 ticket charge per transaction which, of course, brings the net payout way down. 

For example: $200 commish, 40% payout equals $80.  $80 minus $12 charge equals $68 or really a 34% net payout.  Is this right??   Also, UBS gets paid on trades under $100 but they are not added to the grid.  So if  I’ve done, say 200 $99 transactions for the year, my total gross may be $400,000 but would get dropped to the $380,000 payout level.  Another anti-transaction charge.  Are my numbers right??

We are all trying to move to fee but as many advisors, I have a substantial transactionally based business. 

Input would be appreciated.