Thoughts on Pershing?

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Dec 31, 2008 9:20 pm

What can people tell me about their experiences with the Pershing Platform, especially from people who came from a wirehouse.  I took a test drive of their workstation, NetExchange Pro, and it seemed like a pretty decent system.  Any and all input would be appreciated.

*Discretionary Trading Platform (order blast)?
*Access to SMA managers (maybe this is a better question about Lockwood)?
*ProCash Plus?
*Support from Pershing?
*Financial Planning Software
*Proposal System?
*Anything else you would otherwise expect to receive when at a wirehouse


Jan 1, 2009 11:33 am

NetExchange Pro is Pershing’s broker-workstation for their b/d clients while NetExchange Advisor is the workstation for Pershing’s RIA Division, Pershing Advisor Solutions.  As far as your points are concerned, the level of support, discretionary trading, fees, etc., etc., will be very dependent on the contract the broker-dealer has with Pershing.  For example, some B/D firms restrict the order blasting tools while others allow it.  Policies vary wildly from one b/d to the next.  In particular, you may wish to pay special attention to how cost basis is reported and whether or not their is a charge to maintain it – this is not uniform throughout Pershing’s B/D clients so I would suggest a thorough due diligence of any B/D firms in which you are contemplating.