More on why Chuck P. may have given Todd

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Jan 23, 2007 10:16 am

the boot:

Now maybe Chuck can afford to rescind those payout cuts for brokers. Jet fuel's still pretty expensive.

Jan 23, 2007 9:03 pm


I am assuming you read this mornings (1/23)WSJ.  It was a little more specific on the details of a particular trip to China.

I am kind of surprised this hasn't received a little more chatter than it has.

Jan 23, 2007 9:18 pm

I have read it and I am also surprised there's not more discussion about the WSJ article and the China trip, too.

I suppose the NY Post page 6 article was a little more "stimulating."

Jan 23, 2007 9:21 pm

I highly doubt that a corporate flight and a fish tank are the reason that Krawcheck is back at the GWM helm.