LPL Rep Needed

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Oct 9, 2006 12:53 pm

LPl recently upped there payout schedule. If someone has the new payout schedule can they please post it. Thanks.

Oct 9, 2006 1:29 pm

Nobody has it.  It’s top secret and if we told you we’d have to kill you. 

Oct 9, 2006 2:13 pm

show us yours first

Oct 9, 2006 2:30 pm 

Oct 9, 2006 2:40 pm

Thanks Wealthadvisor! Unfortunately the LPL website is not updated to the new payout schedule, that is why I need an LPL rep to pull it off there system.

Oct 9, 2006 3:20 pm

If you give LPL a quick call I’m sure they’d be willing to email you a copy of it.