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Jan 23, 2008 9:45 am

Hello!!!  Finally got the activation email.  First post, so quick, not so easy to identify information.  3rd year in the business, 7/66, working at a place where I’m not happy and offered a position at ING FP.  My business:  10.5 book, funds & ins, fee based.

I'm not too worried about asset gathering or client acquisition, my background is sales and I can push when I need to push.   My questions center around ING.  I did extensive research on a number of boards and regular google and am finding very little information about their independent financial partners group.  Good or bad!  What are the thoughts of this board?  Strengths, weakenesses, concerns, focus of the company, transition assistance, etc...  For my very generic description of a business, is there another firm to research?  Obviously 2.5 years in, it's early to be "running" but I have my reasons.  I'm not as knowledgable as I would like to be about the big picture, so hopefully I haven't asked a dumb question, but anyway, thanks for the help.