I know this is probably old

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Jun 30, 2005 2:31 am
But what is the deal about Merrill calling accts less than 100,000 "welfare accounts" or charity cases? Any kind of truth to that?
Jun 30, 2005 11:20 am

They have transferred them all to call centers…  You be the judge!

Jun 30, 2005 12:16 pm

At Jones a person w/100k acct is considered GREEN and very wealthy

Jun 30, 2005 5:52 pm

So how large does an acct have to be to actually work with an FA?

Jun 30, 2005 7:35 pm

Probably over 100k

Jul 2, 2005 1:18 am

All accounts are at the advisors discretion on whether or not to move them to the call center.

Jul 2, 2005 12:26 pm

JoeJones107- Not true, depends on the broker whether they are green or not. Merrill Call center accounts are fish in the barrel…