I ain't Sucking Off Eddie Jones no mo

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Nov 15, 2007 11:51 pm

   Well boys, it has been a many months since I left Jones and went to Mother.  I haven’t been back in here since.  It is good to be back.

     I want to thank everyone who encouraged me to take that step away from Eddie Jones.  I am so grateful to every single one of you.  It was very difficult for me to make that step.  However, in less than one week, I was comfortable in my new position.      Since I stopped sucking off Eddie Jones, not one single FA has left Mother Merrill  (in my hometown)...not to quit, retire, go to a competitive situation, nothing.  Everyone of them is still there, including me.    Since I stopped sucking off Eddie Jones, Jim Swindle has thrown 9 FA's against the slippery wall of the Eddie Jones Experience in my hometown.  NINE FA's in FOUR months!  Maybe Eddie Jones will finally find that special someone that can come along and take that 10 AUM with 600 households and finally stick to that slippery wall.   All the while, nothing but negative news about Mother Merrill, yet everyone is still loyal in my hometown to the Merrill brand.    Since I stopped sucking off Eddie Jones, I have actually gotten home with a paycheck, and my personal debt has stopped climbing.    Since I stopped sucking off Eddie Jones, I have been proud to tell people where I work, without their sympathetic look of "oh, he works out of his house."    Since I stopped sucking off Eddie Jones, I have come to realize that Eddie Jones is a cult, and not once have we prayed to Jesus at company functions.     Since I stopped sucking off Eddie Jones, I have come to understand the brainwashing that takes place at the Eddie Jones experience  - A Shares....gotta sell A-Shares...  Of course Eddie insists they sell A Shares.  Hell, they don't expect their employees to work there for more than a couple of weeks, so of course they want you to push  A-shares......from the Preferred Funds list.  WHAT A CROCK OF BULL.    Since I stopped sucking off Eddie Jones, I have come to realize that when you get hired on at a Merrill, they also tell their employees to always do what is right for the client - when I was queer for Eddie, Eddie told me only they did what was right, and that everywhere else they told their employees to screw the client in the ass quick.   Since I stopped sucking off Eddie Jones, my clients are much happier with choice, and so am I.    Since I stopped sucking off Eddie Jones, it has been made very clear to me what that ex-Jones rep told me in my first post:  "when you work at Eddie Jones, you quickly realize that some get sucked, and some get fu**ed."  I don't feel like a monkey butt-screwing a skunk anymore.     My Damn feet don't hurt anymore.       Thank you guys,    -ED      
Nov 16, 2007 2:00 am

Good Luck, hope it works for you. 

Your posts have been enlightning AND entertaining.  Maybe your feet will quit hurtin now. 

Nov 16, 2007 9:11 am

THanks for the post Edjehovah.  Spread the word…There’s a movement going on and as time goes on the movement will grow and grow.  As more leave and tell the ones left what a wonderful place it is on the outside, the snowball will grow.  When the lies get exposed the trust goes away.  No matter how pretty Jim Weddle is, he can’t cover the stink.

Nov 16, 2007 9:24 am

Good Lord, Bspears!

I can understand how a firm and an individual might not be a good fit, so the individual moves on. But geez! What did Edward Jones do to you to prompt so much vitrol?

Nov 16, 2007 10:02 am

Dang, I thought it was a pretty cool statement.  I believe my viral statements come from my time with Jones.  When I was at Jones, I trully didn’t feel I would be with them or in the industry  forever.  I would’ve starved.  I went through a lot of savings, was high pressure sales to little old ladys in my community. 

  But then one day we had a very sharp guy in my region go Indy.  This guy was in the management system within my region.  Great guy, great broker.  I thought to myself.."what the hell is he doing."  I called him and had a long talk with him.  I kept tabs on him for 18 months, visiting, calling him.   Then we had a mass exodus in my region...10 in probably 8 months.  Indy, banks, Smithbarney.  I talked with them.  Also listened to the koolaid drinkers and my RL bash them to no end.  It pissed me off.  They were trying to bring down good people.  Lets take out the competion for a minute.  They were bashing GOOD people.    I decided these were not the type of people I wanted to be associated with.  So I love to hate Jones, because in my eyes, the ones I know about are frauds, being held out as the top of what Jones has to offer.
Nov 16, 2007 11:23 am

To listen to the vets bash the brokers that left Jones always interested me.  So many were good hard working youngsters that were not quite cut out for this sales job.  I just felt the comments were funny, if not somewhat harsh when a new new that just got their series7 six month ago drops out  But when some 3-7 year brokers and a very successful 9 figure AUM  vet leave, some very malicious comments were tossed around in our region.  Knowing both sides of the war, I decided to clear the air for my own sake and sanity.

With a littel logic and deductive reasoning, I concluded the Jones vets have been drinking too much Green kool-aid.  All they know is EJ, thats what they've done and that's all they really understand and that is okay with me, as long as they aren't spreading lies about brokers outside the green and yellow box and the good people that left the company to pursue bigger and better dreams.  I talked to my colleagues that went elsewhere..I got to see both sides clearly. Like many of us, they are entrepenuers and do not clearly fit the mold of an employee, those that are driven and did reasonably well at jones will prosper as an independant.  On the other hand I know many other IR/FA's that could not handle independance, and they can keep toughing it out as long as EJ will keep them...you all know who you are.  
Nov 16, 2007 2:17 pm

Your also going to get exposed now to a ton of different investment ideas, products, and platforms you never had the opportunity to look at while at EDJ.  Now for once, you are going to be able to do it your way and the best way for your client rather than following the clone-way of investing. 

I'm curious.  Have you become a black sheep.  Do you have "friends" at EDJ that wont talk to you know?    Don't spend that check!  You may think it is a hell of a lot of money however I highly recommend you safe gurad it closely.  I bought a new "used" Beem'er and a couple new suites but invested the rest.    Good luck.  You have landed in an entirely new world.       
Nov 16, 2007 2:18 pm

sorry for misspellings…typing too fast and no proofing.