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Dec 24, 2009 11:15 am

right, Eliot.

Still a Chump’s Game

Is the stock market safe again for the small investor? Not by a long shot.

By Eliot Spitzer

Posted Monday, Aug. 17, 2009, at 5:30 PM ET

The New York Stock Exchange

One of America’s great accomplishments in the last half-century was the so-called “democratization” of the financial markets. No longer just for the upper crust, investing became a way for the burgeoning middle class to accumulate wealth. Mutual funds exploded in size and number, 401(k) plans made savings and investing easy, and the excitement of participating in the growth of our economy gripped an ever larger percentage of the population. Despite a backdrop of doubters—those who knowingly asserted that outperforming the average was an impossibility for the small investor—there was a growing consensus that the rules were sufficient to protect the mom-and-pop investor from the sharks that swam in the water.

That sense of fair play in the market has been virtually destroyed by the bubble burstings and market drops of the past few years. Recent rebounds notwithstanding, most people now are asking whether the system is fundamentally rigged. It’s not just that they have an understandable aversion to losing their life savings when the market crashes; it’s that each of the scandals and crises has a common pattern: The small investor was taken advantage of by the piranhas that hide in the rapidly moving currents. And underlying this pattern is a simple theme: conflicts of interest that violated the duty the market players had to their supposed clients. It is no wonder that cynicism and anger have replaced what had been the joy of participation in the capital markets. Take a quick run through a few of the scandals:

Analysts at major investment banks promote stocks they know to be worthless, misleading the investors who rely on their advice yet helping their investment-banking colleagues generate fees and woo clients.

Ratings agencies slap AAA ratings on debt they know to be dicey in order to appease the issuers—who happen to pay the fees of the agencies, violating the rating agency’s duty to provide the marketplace with honest evaluations.

Executives receive outsized and grotesque compensation packages—the result of the perverted recommendations of compensation consultants whose other business depends upon the goodwill of the very CEOs whose pay they are opining upon, thus violating the consultants’ duty to the shareholders of the companies for whom they are supposedly working.

Mutual funds charge exorbitant fees that investors have to absorb—fees that dramatically reduce any possibility of outperforming the market and that are set by captive boards of captive management companies, not one of which has been replaced for inadequate performance, violating their duty to guard the interests of the fund investors for whom they supposedly work.

“High-speed trading” produces not only the reality of a two-tiered market but also the probability of front-running—that is, illegally trading on information not yet widely known—that eats into the possible profits of the retail clients supposedly being served by these very same market players, violating the obligation of the banks to get their clients “best execution” without stepping between their customers and the best available price.

AIG is bailed out, costing taxpayers tens of billions of dollars, even though (as we later learned) the big guys knew that AIG was going down and were able to hedge and cover their positions. Smaller investors are left holding the stock, and all of us are left picking up the tab.

The unifying theme is apparent: Access to information and advice, the very lifeblood of a level playing field, is not where it needs to be. The small investor still doesn’t have a fair shot. While there have been case-specific remedies, the aggregate effect of all the scandals is still to deny the market the most essential of ingredients: the presumption of integrity.

The issue confronting those who wish to solve this problem is that there really is no simple fix. As easy as it is to excoriate those who violate their solemn duty to a client or the entity to which they owe a fiduciary duty, the remedies attempted over time have all had their own unintended consequences. Still, some conclusions can be reached: The scale and complexity of organizations—such as the investment banks that were to provide all services to all people—make the blurring of fiduciary duty inevitable. The difficulty of establishing a revenue stream for “content”—whether an analyst’s report or a newspaper article—forces creative minds to pair that content with other revenue streams (such as investment banking fees) that generate conflicts. And the lack of disclosure of overlapping roles—whether for compensation consultants, members of boards of mutual funds, or high-speed traders who buy and sell both on the bank’s account and for the bank’s clients—make fiduciary duty tough to evaluate.

It is not clear that the new regulatory framework proposed by the Obama administration will directly improve the ability of regulators to address these tensions and conflicts. But if, indeed, there is a new consumer-protection agency created, it might want to set out as its first mandate the simple objective that it get every market participant to define clearly (and publicly) to whom it owes a fiduciary duty—and what possible tensions might exist in fulfilling that duty. If this agency does nothing more than root out those conflicts and examine them, it would be providing the small American investor with a valuable service, one that the SEC and others have failed to perform over the past decade.

Dec 24, 2009 2:47 pm

Dedicated to public service. Some public gets a little more than others. 
Dec 24, 2009 4:05 pm


Dedicated to public service. Some public gets a little more than others. [/quote]


this guy is such freak show.   scary
Dec 24, 2009 5:35 pm

a very rich freak show. probably the one person most responsible for the destruction of AIG.

Dec 24, 2009 10:57 pm

I dont give a fukc if he is worth $500 billion.

Guy a cokcsucker and witch hunting MF tool.   

95% of his grandstanding histrionic crap is without merit (d#ck graso, mutual fund jive etc)


NONE     total power hungry MF who#e

waste of taxpayer money

dangerous sociopath

Dec 26, 2009 7:22 pm

I think what was most telling were the types of reforms he most aggressively pursued - research, IPOs - none of the actual practices that really impacted retail investors.

Dec 27, 2009 12:32 am

Whether you are the Democratic sheriff of wall street or a republican evangelical christian senator…
sooner or later, living the “perfect life” gets old and you just want to go out and bang some whores!

Dec 27, 2009 8:13 am

[[email protected]] Whether you are the Democratic sheriff of wall street or a republican evangelical christian senator…sooner or later, living the “perfect life” gets old and you just want to go out and bang some whores!


yep (or if you can shoot 63 at National)

Augusta National Golf Club members list

The Augusta National Golf Club membership list obtained by USA TODAY covers a time frame within the last two years. The membership list is fluid and changes as members resign, die or leave the club. USA TODAY did not include those identified as former or deceased members.

lou holtz?   wow

State     First Name     Last name     Employer     Age

Ala.     Crawford Troy     Johnson III     Coca-Cola Bottling, Retired     78

Ala.     Joseph Lamar     Lanier Jr.     Dan River     71

Ala.     Claude B.     Nielsen     Coca-Cola Bottling     51

Ala.     Robert H.     Radcliff Jr.           84

Ala.     Hall W.     Thompson     Thompson Tractor     79

Ariz.     Lyle     Anderson     Lyle Anderson Co.     n/a

Ariz.     Jack Steele     Parker     General Electric, Retired     84

Ark.     J. Frank     Broyles     University of Arkansas     77

Ark.     Joe Thomas     Ford     Alltel     65

Ark.     Scott T.     Ford     Alltel     40

Ark.     Jackson T.     Stephens     Stephens Group     n/a

Ark.     Warren A.     Stephens     Stephens Group     45

Calif.     Samuel H.     Armacost     Weiss Peck & Greer, Retired     64

Calif.     Donald R.     Beall     Rockwell International     64

Calif.     Riley P.     Bechtel     Bechtel Group     50

Calif.     Stephen D.     Bechtel Jr.     Bechtel Group, Retired     77

Calif.     Benjamin F.     Biaggini     Santa Fe Southern Pacific, Retired     86

Calif.     Donald L.     Bower     ChevronTexaco     79

Calif.     Michael R.     Bowlin     ARCO International Oil & Gas, Retired     60

Calif.     Lodwrick M.     Cook     Atlantic Richfield, Retired     74

Calif.     Rex D.     Cross     Lone Star Industries     81

Calif.     Kenneth T.     Derr     ChevronTexaco, Retired     n/a

Calif.     Sam     Glen           n/a

Calif.     Frederick W.     Gluck     Scient     66

Calif.     Harold J.     Haynes     ChevronTexaco, Retired     76

Calif.     Paul M.     Hazen     Wells Fargo, Retired     60

Calif.     Charles B.     Johnson     Franklin Resources     70

Calif.     Ruben F.     Mettler     TRW, Retired     79

Calif.     Edfred L.     Shannon Jr.     Global SantaFe, Retired     75

Calif.     George P.     Shultz     Former U.S. Secretary of State, Retired     n/a

Colo.     Edward B.     Close Jr.           n/a

Colo.     Peter H.     Coors     Coors Brewing     56

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Colo.     Frederic C.     Hamilton     Hamilton Oil     75

Colo.     Will F.     Nicholson Jr.     Rocky Mountain BankCard System, Retired     74

Colo.     Jack A.     Vickers     Castle Pines Golf Club     77

Conn.     Ray C.     Adam           n/a

Conn.     John F.     Akers     IBM, Retired     68

Conn.     Ralph E.     Bailey     Conoco, Retired     79

Conn.     Morrison H.     Beach     Travelers, Retired     86

Conn.     Lawrence A.     Bossidy     Honeywell, Retired     68

Conn.     Edward H.     Budd     Travelers, Retired     69

Conn.     George A.L.     David     Otis Elevator     61

Conn.     Clifton C.     Garvin Jr.     ExxonMobil, Retired     81

Conn.     Kenneth H.     Hannan           91

Conn.     Robert S.     Hatfield     Continental Group, Retired     87

Conn.     Reginald H.     Jones     General Electric, Retired     85

Conn.     Dohn L.     Kalmbach     Berman, Kalmbach & Company     65

Conn.     Robert D.     Kennedy     The Perkin- Elmer Corporation, Retired     70

Conn.     James W.     Kinnear III     ChevronTexaco, Retired     75

Conn.     John E.     Kircher           84

Conn.     John L.     Weinberg     Goldman Sachs, Retired     78

Conn.     John F.     Welch     General Electric, Retired     67

D.C.     Amory     Houghton Jr.     U.S. Congressman     76

D.C.     Melvin R.     Laird     Former U.S. Secretary of Defense, Retired     80

Fla.     Warren M.     Anderson           80

Fla.     Richard T.     Baker           n/a

Fla.     Robert H.B.     Baldwin     Retired     82

Fla.     William Houston     Blount     Vulcan Materials     81

Fla.     Willard S.     Boothby Jr.     Paine Webber, Retired     81

Fla.     Rinehart S.     Bright           90

Fla.     Anthony J.A.     Bryan     Copperweld     80

Fla.     Howard L.     Clark Sr           86

Fla.     E. Mandell     de Windt     Birmingham Steel     72

Fla.     John H.     Dobbs           70

Fla.     Beverly F.     Dolan     Compressor Components Textron, Retired     75

Fla.     Nelson     Doubleday     Former owner New York Mets, Retired     69

Fla.     James D.     Finley     J P Stevens, Retired     n/a

Fla.     Maurice F.     Granville     ChevronTexaco, Retired     87

Fla.     George V.     Grune     Wallace-Reader’s Digest Funds     73

Fla.     James M.     Hoak Jr     Heritage Communications     59

Fla.     John C.     Jansing     Vestaur Securities, Retired     77

Fla.     David S.     Kirkland     Bessemer Trust     63

Fla.     Richard K.     LeBlond II     Chase Manhattan Bank     82

Fla.     Donald S.     MacNaughton     Hospital Corp., Retired     95

Fla.     Frank L.     Mansell     Paine Webber, Retired     81

Fla.     Robert S.     Oelman     Koppers, Retired     93

Fla.     Edward M.     O’Herron Jr.     Eckerd Drugs, Retired     77

Fla.     John R.     Opel     IBM, Retired     78

Fla.     John G.     Ordway     Stillman Maynard & Co.     79

Fla.     H. Lawrence     Parker     Morgan Stanley Canada, Retired     76

Fla.     Ogden M.     Phipps     Bessemer Trust     62

Fla.     Lawrence R.     Pugh     VF Corp., Retired     70

Fla.     J. Howard     Rambin Jr.     ChevronTexaco, Retired     91

Fla.     Fred S.     Ridley     Foley & Lardner     50

Fla.     F. Morgan     Taylor Jr.           71

Fla.     Ronald     Townsend     Communications consultant     61

Fla.     Rawleigh     Warner Jr.     ExxonMobil, Retired     82

Ga.     W. Hale     Barrett     Hull, Towill, Norman, Barrett & Salley     74

Ga.     Louis L.     Battey     River City Augusta, Retired     n/a

Ga.     James H.     Blanchard     Synovus Financial     61

Ga.     Thomas M.     Blanchard Jr.     Blanchard & Calhoun     n/a

Ga.     Clayton P.     Boardman III     Boardman Petroleum     n/a

Ga.     Stephen W.     Brown           n/a

Ga.     Hugh M.     Chapman     Nationsbank, Retired     70

Ga.     William P.     Copenhaver     The Pinnacle Club     78

Ga.     Thomas G.     Cousins     Cousins Properties     70

Ga.     Edwin L.     Douglass Jr.     Augusta Cab     66

Ga.     Walter W.     Driver Jr.     King & Spalding law firm, Atlanta, GA.     58

Ga.     Nick W.     Evans Jr.     Spartan Communications     53

Ga.     H. Ray     Finney     Retired     n/a

Ga.     James R.     Gabrielsen           n/a

Ga.     William T.     Gary III     Gary Concrete Products, Retired     n/a

Ga.     Ben S.     Gilmer     AT&T, Retired     97

Ga.     Phil S.     Harison     Harison-Kerzic     n/a

Ga.     Harry T.     Harper III     Harper Pennington & Shaw     n/a

Ga.     E. Val     Hastings           n/a

Ga.     Eugene M.     Howerdd Jr.     The Howerdd Group     66

Ga.     W. Howard     Hudson     Orthopaedic Associates     n/a

Ga.     Clifford M.     Kirtland Jr.     Cox Communications     n/a

Ga.     Boone A.     Knox     Allied Bank of Georgia     n/a

Ga.     Jefferson B.A.     Knox     The Knox Foundation     39

Ga.     Dessey L.     Kuhlke     Kuhlke Construction, Retired     n/a

Ga.     Peter M.     Menk           75

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Ga.     William S.     Morris III     Morris Communications     68

Ga.     John L.     Murray Jr.           n/a

Ga.     J. Fleming     Norvell           42

Ga.     Samuel A.     Nunn     Former U.S. Senator, Retired     64

Ga.     William P.     Payne     Premiere Technologies     54

Ga.     Carl J.     Reith     Oxford Industries, Retired     89

Ga.     John D.     Reynolds III     Club Car     n/a

Ga.     Julian H.     Roberts     Spatial Sites     n/a

Ga.     J. Haley     Roberts Jr.           n/a

Ga.     Ray M.     Robinson     AT&T     54

Ga.     Carl E.     Sanders     Troutman Sanders LLP/Georgia Senate, Retired     77

Ga.     George A.     Sanoken Jr.           n/a

Ga.     Leroy H.     Simkins Jr.     The Tubman Home     n/a

Ga.     Frank     Troutman Jr.     Coil Coaters of America     n/a

Ga.     George     Wislar     Fountainhead Water     n/a

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Ga.     Charles R.     Yates Sr.     Atlanta Arts Alliance, Retired     89

Hawaii     C. Pardee     Erdman Jr.     Retired     n/a

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Ill.     Donald V.     Fites     Caterpillar, Retired     69

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Ill.     Lee L.     Morgan     Caterpillar, Retired     83

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Ill.     Daniel C.     Searle     GD Searle, Retired     76

Ill.     Arthur M.     Wood Sr.     Sears, Retired     89

Iowa     Lloyd D.     Ward           53

Kan.     Howard J.     Carey Jr.           80

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Ky.     William A.     Marquard     Arkansas Best     83

La.     Frank A.     Godchaux III     Riviana Foods, Retired     76

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Mass.     Frederick S.     Moseley III     Seaward Management     74

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Md.     Nicholas F.     Brady     Former US Secretary of Treasury, Retired     72

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Mich.     William C.     Ford     Ford Motor/Detroit Lions     78

Mich.     Robert J.     Hampson     Ford Motor, Retired     85

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Mich.     Harold A.     Poling     Ford Motor, Retired     77

Minn.     Paul J.     Bridston     Bridston     74

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Minn.     Robert R.     Waller     Hormel Foods     65

Minn.     Wheelock     Whitney     Former owner Minnesota North Stars and Vikings, Retired     n/a

Mo.     Andrew N.     Baur     Mississippi Valley Bancshares     58

Mo.     Charles F.     Knight     Emerson Electric, Retired     67

Mo.     Eugene F.     Williams Jr.     Centerre Trust, Retired     79

N.C.     John M.     Belk     City of Charlotte (N.C.)     82

N.C.     Blake C.     Clark           80

N.C.     R. Stuart     d***son     Rudd***     73

N.C.     Thomas W.     d***son     Rudd***     47

N.C.     James H.     Hance Jr.     Bank of America     58

N.C.     John W.     Harris     Lincoln Harris     n/a

N.C.     James E.     Johnson Jr.     Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice     72

N.C.     Hugh L.     McColl Jr.     Bank of America, Retired     67

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N.J.     Charles L.     Brown     AT&T     80

N.J.     Richard A.     McGinn     Lucent (former)     56

N.J.     John S.     Reed     Citicorp, Retired     75

N.J.     Donald P.     Remey           60

N.J.     Reuben Francis     Richards     Emcore, Retired     73

N.J.     Arthur F.     Ryan     Prudential Financial     60

N.J.     Walter V.     Shipley     Chase Manhattan Bank, Retired     n/a

N.Y.     William R.     Acquavella     Acquavella Art dealer     64

N.Y.     Kenneth I.     Chenault     American Express     51

N.Y.     Theodore N.     Danforth     Retired     77

N.Y.     D. Ronald     Daniel     McKinsey & Co.     73

N.Y.     Louis V.     Gerstner Jr.     IBM     61

N.Y.     S. Parker     Gilbert     Morgan Stanley Group     68

N.Y.     Edward D.     Herlihy     Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz     55

N.Y.     James R.     Houghton     Corning, Retired     66

N.Y.     John F.     McGillicuddy     Manufacturers Hanover, Retired     71

N.Y.     Douglas D.     Mercer           66

N.Y.     Thomas S.     Murphy     Capital Cities/ABC     77

N.Y.     Peter G.     Peterson     The Blackstone Group     76

N.Y.     Richard I.     Purnell           84

N.Y.     James D.     Robinson III     American Express, Retired     66

N.Y.     Whitney     Stevens           75

N.Y.     Robert G.     Stone Jr.     Kirby Corp.     78

N.Y.     Douglas A.     Warner III     JP Morgan Chase, Retired     54

N.Y.     Sanford I.     Weill     Citigroup     70

Neb.     Harold W.     Andersen     InfoUSA     79

Neb.     Warren E.     Buffett     Berkshire Hathaway     72

Nev.     William L.     Searle     GD Searle, Retired     75

Ohio     William     Boeschenstein     Owens-Corning, Retired     77

Ohio     William W.     Boeschenstein           n/a

Ohio     Edwin D.     Dodd     Owens-Illinois, Retired     83

Ohio     E. Bradley     Jones     TRW, Retired     75

Ohio     Patrick F.     McCartan     Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue     66

Okla.     Robert W.     Berry           78

Okla.     William K.     Warren Jr.           68

Okla.     John H.     Williams     Williams Companies     84

Penn.     Lewis W.     Foy     Bethlehem Steel Corp     n/a

Penn.     Henry L.     Hillman     The Hillman Company     84

Penn.     Michael H.     Jordan     CBS, Retired     66

Penn.     Howard M.     Love     National Intergroup, Retired     72

Penn.     Thomas H.     O’Brien     PNC Bank, Retired     65

Penn.     Arnold D.     Palmer     Professional golfer, Retired     73

Penn.     David M.     Roderick     USX     78

Penn.     Thomas J.     Usher     U.S. Steel     50

R.I.     Bradford R.     Boss     A. T. Cross, Retired     69

R.I.     J. Terrence     Murray     Fleet Financial Group, Retired     63

S.C.     Robert H.     Chapman III     Inman Mills     51

S.C.     James W.     Foley           91

S.C.     Alester G.     Furman III     Alester G. Furman, Retired     84

S.C.     Robert     Goodyear           77

S.C.     John B.     Harris Jr.           81

S.C.     Lou     Holtz     University of South Carolina     66

S.C.     William W.     Johnson     Augusta National Golf Club Chairman     73

S.C.     David S.     Lewis Jr.     McDonnell Douglas/General Dynamics     58

S.C.     Roger     Milliken     Milliken & Co.     86

S.C.     Robert P.     Timmerman     Graniteville Co.     82

S.C.     Francis A.     Townsend Jr.           63

S.C.     Wilson C.     Wearn     Multimedia Inc., Retired     83

S.C.     Joseph H.     Williams           76

Tenn.     W. Lipscomb     Davis Jr.     Davis Cabinet     69

Tenn.     John C.     Dobbs     Fourjay     83

Tenn.     David B.     Ingram     Ingram Entertainment     39

Tenn.     John T.     Lupton     Arnold Palmer Golf     n/a

Tenn.     J. Bransford     Wallace     Advocat     70

Tenn.     Toby S.     Wilt     TSW Investment     58

Texas     John R.     Butler Jr.     J.R. Butler and Co.     63

Texas     James F.     Chambers Jr.           89

Texas     Peter J.     Fluor     Fluor     54

Texas     John M.     Griffith Jr.           66

Texas     William R.     Howell     J. C. Penney, Retired     n/a

Texas     James W.     Keay           80

Texas     Edward C.     Kennard           83

Texas     Ben F.     Love     Texas Commerce Bancshares, Retired     78

Texas     Felix R.     McKnight           92

Texas     James M.     Moroney Jr.     Belo, Retired     81

Texas     Boone     Pickens     Mesa Water     74

Texas     Lee R.     Raymond     ExxonMobil     64

Texas     Robert H.     Stewart III     Bank One     76

Texas     Edward E.     Whitacre Jr.     SBC Communications     61

Texas     J. Otis     Winters     Dynegy     69

Va.     William C.     Battle     Ivy Foundation For Biomedical Research U. VA, Retired     70

Va.     Howard W.     Blauvelt     Conoco, Retired     n/a

Va.     Harry W.     Easterly Jr.           n/a

Va.     David R.     Goode     Norfolk Southern     61

Va.     David P.     Reynolds     Reynolds Metal Company, Retired     n/a

Va.     W. Thomas     Rice     Seaboard Coast Line Industries, Retired     n/a

Va.     Robert H.     Spilman Jr.     Bassett Furniture     n/a

Vt.     James G.     Affleck     American Cyanamid, Retired     79

Vt.     Andrew C.     Sigler     Champion, Retired     70

Wash.     Richard P.     Cooley     Bank of America’s Seafirst Bank, Retired     78

Wash.     Bill     Gates     Microsoft Corp.     47

Wash.     Charles M.     Pigott     Paccar, Retired     73

Wash.     Mark C.     Pigott     PACCAR     49

Wis.     Virgis W.     Colbert     Miller Brewing Co.     63

Wis.     James E.     Reinhart           48

Wyo.     Richard E.     Heckert     DuPont Co, Retired     n/a

Wyo.     John K.     McKinley     ChevronTexaco, Retired     n/a

Canada     David M.     Culver     Alcan Aluminum Ltd     78

Canada     Richard M.     Thomson     Nexen, Retired     n/a

England     Ronald     Hampel           n/a

England     Gordon B.B.     Jeffrey           n/a

England     H. Colin     Maclaine           n/a

England     Wolfgang     Reitzle     Linde Ag     n/a

France     Jean-Marie     Tine           n/a

Ireland     Ian W.L.     Webb           n/a

S. Africa     Ivor R.     Jones           n/a

Scotland     W. Ronald     Alexander           n/a

Scotland     Michael F.     Bonallack     Royal and Ancient Golf Club     n/a

Scotland     J. Stewart     Lawson           n/a

Dec 28, 2009 12:03 pm

That would make a pretty good calling list.

Dec 28, 2009 2:30 pm
Incredible Hulk:

That would make a pretty good calling list.

gezz    no joke

wonder what net worth of this group is?