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Jun 3, 2010 12:17 pm

Does anyone have personal knowledge of what the opportunities are as an Allstate Financial Advisor?  I have 5 years experience, but assets and revenue not growing as I would like.  Independent right now.  I know the payouts are lower, but wondering what kind of revenue you can generate.  Yes I know you have to share with the insurance agents and that they are not always fond of Financial Advisors.

I have searched the forums, but not finding any recent information.  Thanks.

Jun 3, 2010 11:40 pm

These are series 6 positions....

Jun 4, 2010 9:42 am

If you want the comfort of a B/D why don't you try to get hired at Jones, or BAC/MER, MSSB, or one of the regional firms?  I have yet to talk to anyone who has any serious money with their insurance agent.  Except for my insurance agent who is slowly moving his assets to me.  I think you'd have better luck growing your assets with one of the big name firms than you would a P/C company like Allstate. 

Jones loves producing transfer brokers, BTW. 

Jun 4, 2010 11:54 am

Hah, well surprise, did not pass the Pre Screening Employment with scenarios . . .pick which is best and which is worse, funny.  Passed every other single test I have ever taken.  Guess I am not the insurance type.  I always think of the insurance guy from Ground Hog day and cringe. 

Need more help growing my business, banks make me cringe.  Where I am now is fine, just got to hit one of my big ones.

moving on.  BEEP BEEP Alstate.

Jun 7, 2010 8:10 am

Instead of trying to move you need to focus on why you are failing.  99.9% of the time it is lack of effort. Come on get out there and smile and dial!  Bust your a## and you can succeed.  Stop trying to move and blame others. Focus Baby Focus!


Jun 17, 2010 3:08 pm


Instead of trying to move you need to focus on why you are failing.  99.9% of the time it is lack of effort. Come on get out there and smile and dial!  Bust your a## and you can succeed.  Stop trying to move and blame others. Focus Baby Focus!


Step away from the Kool Aid.  Two months in the business??  pace yourself son.


Jun 17, 2010 5:39 pm


I hate posting however I know that I can help.

To quote Nick Murray "all chronic production issues are behavioral issues. Want to change your production? Change your behavior and return to the appropriate levels of prospecting activity. You are responsible."

To quote On My Own..."Look in the mirror and you will find the answer to why you are not growing your business. It's not the firm."

I don't want to sound harsh however it is the truth.

All you need to do is sitdown with your clients and review their accounts. I bet you'll find additional assets that you did not know about to invest, suitable "re-allocations" and referrals. It will work if you work it. That's what I did.

I would say "Best of Luck" however if you do this "Luck" will not be needed.

On My Own.

Jun 18, 2010 5:56 pm

Before I went with AGE I was offered a gig with Allstate where I would have had several local offices provide referrals to me. Their bonus or some such put pressure on them to do just that. The title was an EFS 'Executive Financial Specialist' The numbers the guys that were in the region were pretty huge $400 - $700k. It seemed like a candy gig but you had to use their proprietary funds for the most part. I'm a stock and options kind of guy so I passed and went with AGE. The requirements for the job were pretty stiff, at least 5 years in financial products, series 7 & 63/65/66 and you had to have made at least $100k in the previous year. If that's what you are being offered you wont have to prospect (the good part I guess) the bad part is that it's their business and clients. It's not portable at all by contract.

Jun 18, 2010 8:02 pm

I have come to realize that you can do this gig ANYWHERE, provided you have three tools at your disposal.  First; make sure you have a procedure that you can replicate.  No sense in getting going and discover that the paperwork changes every three months.  Second; make sure you have a business stye in mind.  If you want Wraps, wrap.  If you want A shares, sell A shares.  If you want ETF's with  wraps and some action, God help you, but do that.  Nothing worse than changing, and changing, and changing.  

Last;  You need to WORK!  If you are successful at this, your light week is 40 hours, you have about 500 households and you are getting bigger all the time, otherwise, you are just another poser who wants to be a broker and watched Wall Street too many times!