Norton Systemworks '06 and Internet Sec

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Jul 21, 2006 11:55 pm

Anyone out there  recently install Norton Systemworks 2006 and Norton Internet Security 2006 ?

I was using Norton Internet Security 2005, and when I renewed my subscription I upgraded to the above “package”.  Now my computer is running slow as hell and any audio files I try to play(like from voicemails) sound like a bad cellphone commercial.  All I can think to do is uninstall and see if things run better.

This would be one of those rare times where I wish I still worked at a wirehouse and had someone else to deal with this b.s.  Rare times indeed, but just to show you I’m not trying to portray owning my own business as all wine and roses.
var SymRealOnLoad;
var SymReal;

{ = SymWinOpen;
if(SymReal != null)

if(SymRealOnLoad != null)
SymRealOnLoad(); = SymRealWinOpen;
SymReal = window.;
window. = Sym;

SymRealOnLoad = window.onload;
window.onload = SymOnLoad;