Career course change-is Allstate a good selection?

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Nov 22, 2011 11:35 pm

I'm at a choicepoint of course change in my career as a financial advisor seeking advice from veterans or anyone else with an opinion based on actual facts. I'm a 64 year old CFP with 14 years in financial services, most of it in credit unions or community banks. I had a six month experience with a national bank that nearly Chased me to treatment for PTSD.I'm not a big bank or wirehouse person. With my personal life bringing me to an almost empty nest ( youngest son is a Freshman in college) and the retirement horizon looking like it's 8 years away, I'm looking for a place where I can use my skills and abilities to produce income doing a job where I can live in my own skin. I'm not a wirehouse graduate - almost all of my experience has been in the service based culture of credit unions. I feel confident enough in my abilities and product knowledge to go independant but I do not own a client book of business or have the financial cushion or time to build one up to financial viability. I need a support structure around me. I am currently in the job market after the bank where I worked changed their strategy for our program - eliminating it and the 3 people who worked in it. One of the options I'm considering is the Allstate Financial Services position. It's an independant contractor position that works with property and casualty agents to provide financial services through their marketing channel. I see potential for independance within a support structure here, but would love to her from actual real life experiences. Most of my career I have worked with a middle class clientele - not the higher net worth clients chased by most investment programs. I also have a background in insurance sales and don't find it demeaning or outside the boundaries of client based financial planning. Anyone out there got some feedback for me. Am I heading down a cul-du-sac if I join Allstate?