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Jul 29, 2011 12:36 pm

so i know this particular topic has probably been discussed many times on this forum but instead of browsing through the 52k topics i figured i would just post the question and wait for a few good replies (as well as a number of smart a**, self-indulgent ones).

i am currently with a wire-house in new england. nice area, plenty of wealth. i have been on the production side for about 18 months and am no where near where i want to be in assets or production. i could blame (excuses) it on a number of factors but i dont. i am accountable and realize i havent done enough of the right things. i jumped into production before i was ready and before i had a clear plan of attack (not to mention my personal finances werent in proper order).

anyways, here is what i am posing as a question. as far as building a book/ client base, what is the best firm to start with? now these forums are notorious for bashing EDJ but many people (other FAs, wholesalers, GAs, etc) have said the EDJ is the BEST place to start a career and build a client base. if you follow their methods you CANT fail. i know there will be cold walking (have never done that), cold calling (have done this but with very little success), etc etc. i understand there will be "kool-aid" jammed down my throat and i will be refered to as a jonesbot. also i realize that their offices are in strip malls, next to subways, starbucks, etc. BUT i also have been tolds that they push you to succeed, assist with seminar costs (which i love to do and get no support from my firm), have the benefit of being a private company, give you an assistant (which i share 1 with 5 other seasoned vets), etc. it seems to be a good company to grow with

my ultimate goal is to build a book over the next 10-15 years and hit the $100 AUM mark, then go independent with my best clients and get paid out a bigger %, etc etc etc etc etc.

so from the FAs out there, what is your advice for a young guy in this business that knows this is the business for him? is EDJ the place to START or shoudl i avoid the kool-aid like the plague?