What I learned in my first year

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Sep 16, 2010 9:01 pm

A few rules I live by:

1. There are stand up guys in this business and there are not. Learn to identify the stand up ones.  Don't rush this process.

The stand up ones do not operate out of some "black book" of brokerage the "unwritten rules"

2. Never place a trade that is the wrong thing to do for the right reasons.

 Take the high road. It's easier to avoid rocks being thrown at you when you are up there.

3. Do the hardest thing first every day.

 If you hate cold calling - then power off your computer and monitor - put the phone and a calling list in the middle of your desk so when you walk in, you must start there.

4. There is always someone who thinks they are smarter, faster, stronger than you are.

Let him believe it.

5. If you team early on, you are not likely to succeed.

6. If you didn't read number 5, circle back and then if you DO team later

Keep it "His book", "Our book" and "My book." Keep "My Book bigger than "Our book" Don't let anyone else see all your eggs. Someone will try to raid your book (see rule number 1)