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Aug 3, 2010 1:48 pm

I roogled but search was limited on WFA Trainee

Hope you can help!

I am currently a Internal Wholesaler with a huge MF company. I went this route to learn as much about the business and markets as I could, always knowing I would make the leap to advising. I understand the culture of NYSE, Indy and Bank Firms. I like WFA, as I have seen most brokers being succesful there. I see today that they are hiring trainees, I have not worked with any new trainees unless they were under a parent or close family member. Can anyone give me any insight into their program? I know they do alot of team work/partnerships at WFA, any chance of that with a trainee? I know you have to work hard anywhere, contacts, contacts, contacts. I also know most firms training is the same, but WFA from the outside looking in seems to look appealing right now. Any insight for me if I were to apply ? I was also thinking of asking some of my advisors I work with for advice/ confidence of course.