Use of firms RIA umbrella?

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Jan 12, 2008 1:20 am

Just looking for comparison info here guys…

  If I choose to do fee-based biz (advisor class shares with some fund families, A shares @ NAV with others), which is how I'm trying to build my book, my firm charges .9% annually (up to 100K, breakpoints thereafter).  Out of that .9%, they charge 17 bps for use of their RIA umbrella as a "program fee."  So that leaves a reallowance of 73 bps...from there, I'm on a 50% payout, with my branch (which is indy) getting 35%, and the BD taking 15%.  The 15% the home office takes is fixed on everything; there is no grid system, etc.  My payout will increase (in a fairly linear fashion) over the next 5 years to 65% (which comes out of my branch's cut, not the BDs).  I'm not quite sure if that's my payout cap or not, I'm sure to some extent it will have to do with my production at that time...regardless, I'm curious of what you guys think of that fee structure.  Is it competitive with other firms?  Is a "program fee" normal?  Etc.    Oh, there are no ticket charges or other fees involved either (when doing fee biz).  My branch provides the sales assistant, my office, telephone & internet access...just the basics.  I pay my own E&O, license/exam fees, business cards, and advertising/marketing costs - even BYOC (bring your own computer)...I'm sure that's relevant info too.  Thanks in advance!
Jan 12, 2008 7:01 am

I'm having a hard time following.  Help me out.  If you do a piece of fee-based business, how much of the fee lands in your pocket?  For instance, the fee is $1,000, how much money do you make? 

It sounds to me like you will make $330.  (50% payout less program fee of 17%.)   The BD will make $150.  Your firm will make $520.    For what it's worth, in my firm, the same sale would net the broker between $400 and $850 depending on the total business that the broker brings in.  $400 would be for someone who does almost no business.    Nothing sounds terrible about your deal, but I can't understand why you are getting hit with that extra 17% for a "program fee".