Study Materials for Series 7 & 66

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Mar 3, 2006 3:51 pm

Could you please recommend books or courses for for Series 7 & 66.  Any insight is greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

Mar 3, 2006 3:54 pm

Dearborn is the best in my opinion.  They produce books and CD’s.  I don’t know if they offer courses. 

Mar 3, 2006 6:57 pm

Dearborn is out of business. Check-out Bisys instead.

Mar 3, 2006 7:47 pm

Of all the schools out there Bisys was the worst.  Their business sucked so bad that they agreed to be acquired by Dearborn.

Dearborn overpaid for Bisys so they found themselves needing to dance with somebody else.

Enter Kaplan, the get your kid ready for the SAT company.

These days you have STC still doing its great job, Kaplan doing a very good job, CCH doing a good job, PassPerfect doing a good job and some also rans.