Series 65 vs. 66

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Jan 11, 2016 5:51 pm

After reading so many blogs on both 65 and 66 tests and study materials I've ordered the TC materials. I used both STC and Kaplan in the past and had good and not so good results.  I passed the 7 using STC with a 72%, not very impressive but as pass/fail is how it's graded, it was ok.  I studied endlessly and was intimidated by the amount of material to learn and worse, translate that into questions/answers given on the test, so passing on the first try was a huge relief.

Studying the 65 material has been much harder for me. I've taken the test three times, yes three and now am locked out for 180 days which I'm about to lose my mind over. I really bombed the 1st using STC, then scored a 70 and 69 (using Kaplan) on the next two. Close which doesn't matter when it's a pass fail.  I took the most recent test on 12/30. Due to work stuff (switching BDs) it was over a year since my previously attempt (the 70 score).  The wording seemed much harder than the previous tests.  I thought  I'd gotten too accustomed to the wording of the practice questions with Kaplan hence now trying TC. 

I've decided to go for the 66 to avoid the wait which I'm afraid will put me back at square 1. I'm hoping the 66 material won't be too much different than the 65. I am concerned about having 100 questions and needing a 75% to pass but feel it's better than waiting 6 months.  Anyone whose taken the test recently, I'd love some input on your feelings about the degree of difficulty of the questions/answers on either or both 65 & 66. Any suggestions/comments will be appreciated.

May 19, 2016 9:10 pm

I just took the Series 66 first time using TC I passed with an 83. I also used the Kaplan Q bank. I thought the questions were MUCH harder than the TC final exam. In fact I was shocked whilst I was taking the test especially after reading how close the questions are to the real exam. This was not the case. I am surprised I passed considering about 50% of my answers were educated guesses. Looking back I am very relieved that I used Kaplan Q bank as a supplement. My prep involved going through the material and for a solid month doing about 100 test questions everyday.

May 19, 2016 9:12 pm

If I have any advise I would recommend you know Federal/State regulations inside out. You really need to have a solid grasp on the material. I my opinion this was as hard as the 7. A lot of people in my firm have passed the 7 only to fail the 66 bc they underestimate it.