Series 65 - Training Consultants

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Feb 5, 2013 3:38 pm

i usually dont post on forums but this is something that needs to be said:

so here's the story, took the s7&63 in 2009, got 73% on both exams, first try, not a great test taker but a hell of a salesman. 2012 i was approached/recruited to join a major wirehouse where they required I take the s65. i failed s65 twice (71 and 70 respectively, YEA I KNOW, WTF), studied directly out of stc, which I FEEL WAS UNDERPAR and got regretfully booted from the company for failing twice. upon reading all the great news on this forum about TC I bought the online exams for about $100, i also filed form u-10 to take the s65 without a sponsor and today.... I PASSED WITH A 82%. One of these forum posts stated the key is YOU, shut up since the fact is STC was underpar for the s65, like someone else said stc like is apple and oranges compared to the real thing. I CANNOT PRAISE ENOUGH HOW GOOD TC IS, they teach you what you NEED TO KNOW, not all that other bs crap that stc was trying to teach you. what's great about TC is that they allow you to ask questions on items you got wrong or don't understand which is INVALUABLE. I LOVEEEEEEE TC! and no i dont work for tc.

also, im selling the TC s65 online exams, it expires 5/10/13. if you also want the stc book and exams i'm selling that also, but i will end up probably burning it.

i've gotten offers from all major wirehouses, morgan stanley, wells fargo, ubs, i will decide which one probably by end of feb. wells fargo has the easiest hurdles and the biggest payout. going to hawaii next week for my belated honeymoon =). God is GOOD!

Feb 6, 2013 11:03 am

not true. one example, not until i studied tc did i find out that under the uniform securities act even if you sell securities that are exempt like us govt bonds, youre still considered an ia. the stc didnt even differentiate inv adv act of 1940 from usa in this scenario. another example is in the stc book it states exercising a warrant is not considered a sale, well it actually is considered a sale. the stc was right on with the 7 and 63 when i took it in 09, but it is straight up terrible for the s65 and i bet the 66 too.

on the exam i probably saw about 5 questions that were pretty much exact, i think that the tc prepares you to answer questions the correct way, how they want it answered. even if it were identical to the exam, a disservice to the investing public?! guy, i dont even remember half the stuff i learned from the 7, none of that translates into the real working environment, its just bs tests they put in place so monkies cant just get into the industry