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Sep 26, 2010 8:16 pm

Hi everyone,

I've been looking through the various forums and reading the articles on this site for the last two weeks.

Thank you all for taking the time to post your knowledge, it's been helpful.

Here's my current situations. I have been selling mortgages for the past few years and I've been successful at it. I started about 6 months before the "offical" housing crash but still managed to maintain and exceed the expectations. I've been ranked #1 among my peers for a variety of compaies I've worked for and I've been called a natural at sales.

For the generation of business I've networked, cold called and called on leads that had me competing with a number of other sources (other banks, credit unions and brokers). I've also gotten a significant amount of business from referals.

I currently work for a major bank and I make $55-60k a year (depending on commissions, overtime, ect).

The problem? That's about the most I can make. I consider what I'm doing now to be extremly easy and unfulfilling. This is a "leave your brain at the door" type of mortgage origination.

So I've actually thought about becoming a FA since about my first 9 months in the mortgage business. I was enjoying myself and my success but I've wanted more. Through a friend, I've gained an interview with the local MSSB Senior VP (I've already completed and presumably passed the application and assessment test).

So let's say that I get on with MSSB as a Financial Advisor Associate. What can I expect? How is the sales culture? My friend couldn't really answer these because he's on the anaylist and product side of the business. He gives presentations to the FAs. Some things he's told me remind me of when I started out in the mortgage business for a major company -- things that I missed.

At first I was worried about the 85% failure rate, until I read that was taken after 4 years -- now a days a lot of people change jobs every few years. For someone like myself that wants to get the business, what can I expect?

Thank you,