Need some Advice on business plan for Merrill Lynch Interview

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Sep 20, 2010 12:40 am

Hello, all. Thanks for reading my post and thank you for the future advice.

I am in the interview process with Merrill Lynch for their PMD program. Everything has been great so far and I think its actually the perfect fit for me. I am tweaking my business plan to present to them next week. Its about a 25 page plan I that has evolved from the original plan I created when I entered the business 3 years ago. I am planning on not going into much detail on the financials of my practice and product specifics since I am not sure what to expect at Merrill. Focusing heavily on my marketing plan and tactical daily, weekly and monthly activities, and niche markets. I am going to show them exactly how I will not only meet but exceed there sales goals. I am also going to focus on my value proposition and my client service model. I will also talk about why the experience I have will help and what has made me successful so far.

Is there anything else you would suggest I should focus on?

Also, The manager mentioned a breakdown of annuitized money, I am hesitant to make many assumptions there because I my current client base is slightly lower net worth. I guess I am struggling a little with how to estimate my breakdown of compensation with Merrill. Employee sponsored retirement plans were part of my marketing plan in the past but I am not sure if thats a good idea with Merrill.

Thanks again for any advice and I hope everyone has a great week.