ML Repayment of Training Costs: Lets settle this once and for all

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May 31, 2012 1:09 am

I have been reading this forum for a while and I see this question on repayment coming up over and over. I went into the PMD program knowing that  they might make me sign a contract stating to repay costs (I would never sign it FYI). To my surprise I did not have to sign any such contract. I went through and kept copies of everything I signed.

Now there are obviously PMDs on here who have been made to sign this contract which leads me to some conclusions:

1. Different states have different contractual obligations. I live in CA which has pretty strict labour laws.

2. ML discontinued the repayment policy those who signed the contract did so when the policy was in force.

3. They don't give you this contract on the start of employment but at some point in the PMD proccess (unlikely).

4. Some branches enforce it others don't (unlikely).

I would personally back out of an offer if I was told to sign a contract for repayment upwards of 30k if i didn't stay the length of the program.

As far as the offer I signed it is at will stating that I or th employer could end the relationship without cause.

If someone can shed light on their Repayment contracts and state the region and time (approx) it would shed light on the nature of this issue.