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May 16, 2017 6:42 pm

Hello All,

I see that there is a lot of negative on this program from a few years back but I was hoping someone could give me some honest insight into this program here and now. I understand the performance hurdles are lofty, and I've been told that I will struggle by not having a natural HNW market to tap into. That said I'm determined, I have no issue with putting in the hours and time needed, or getting in front of people and talking/networking. Does anyone have any info on how the program is now as compared to a few years ago?

May 23, 2017 9:59 am

Hello, I’d encourage you to reach out to local (new) advisors within the branch you aspire to work. These individuals will be able to give you first hand guidance and insights into not only the business of building a book and meeting the requirements but ways that you can build one with a small HNW network. LinkedIn is the best way that comes to mind to find local advisors who currently work within the structure of the branch your likely to apply. This methodology has worked for me and gave me internal sponsors before I ever applied for a position. I reached out on LinkedIn to multiple advisors (20+ with a 50/50 split between new and tenured advisors) within the top three organziations I wished to learn more about thier perspective on the firm, success and what’s lead them down thier respective career paths. It’s been a great way to make new friends before I start and to truly confirm if I’m a fit for the company/industry prior to going through formal interviews. If you leverage LinkedIn - you can perform advanced searches to find local advisors with less than three years experience to connect with. I sent personalized connection requests to each advisor asking that they share 15 minutes with me to tell me about the industry, thier career path and what it takes to find success. If you get their time; be considerate of it and be genuinely interested in who you’re speaking with. If you are not, you most likely will get very little from this approach. For me; it’s been illuminating. Hope this helps,Nicole