The Manager with an AX!

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Aug 23, 2011 10:24 pm

I really need some advice here on how I should proceed or look at the following:

I've been a reg. rep with a large wire-house who started production July 2011. To date, I've brought in assets, cold-called each day (avg. 350-400 dials), and things seem to be moving along, although slower than expected of course. I realize it takes time to build a business as a new FA, yet we're under the gun to meet our boggies and every minute counts. In light of this, I decided to think outside the box for ways to increase my reach. I browsed our firms "pre-approved" marketing material and found a really good power-point presentation on covered-call writing. I figured that people who plays options have $$$ and are more sophisticated. I have a good understanding of options and the ease to explain how to use them. I felt this was a good fit to use for a seminar. So, prior to sending the power-point off to compliance for final approval, I decided to have my manager give me his blessing by sharing his thoughts on whether something like this had been done before and what all had been the results.

After three days with no reply, the manager just happen to stroll by my desk. I asked if he had looked at the power-point and he replied, "oh, I've been really busy, sorry. I'm only focusing on people bringing in multi-million dollar accounts." To that, he walked off and cheered another FA for having brought-in a large acct.

Here I am, under the gun to perform and this manager won't even give the support I need to help grow my business. He then walks over into a sessoned FA's office to greet her and the first remarks out of his mouth were, "When I took over the Houston office, I fired EVERY FA in the office and only kept one!". We'll in the last two weeks he's fired two at our office, and reasonably so since neither was doing good at all.  

I was always under the impression that good leaders always brought out the best in people. I joined the firm I'm with because I believe in my capabilities and strengths. I came in with my best foot forward with every intention to succeed because failure is just not an option for me. Yet this manager, (who by the way is not the same guy who hire me) (last manager got axed), doesn't believe in the talent he's got at hand. How does this man not know that he's about to fire his next top-produce if he doesn't even take the time to lend his support?

I tried setting a time to meet with him today to discuss the above, but he totally blew me off. I'm trying to grow my business and I'm doing everything it takes, but events like these are really disheartening. I love the firm I'm with, hate the office, but I don't know what to make of this? This manager is a real empty jacket and he's walking around with the "ax-you" mentality. This is real unsettling for someone trying to bring-in new assets and start a business.

How should I look at this and what can I do? Your advice is greatly appreciated.

Aug 23, 2011 10:25 pm

Thanks in advance for all comments..

Aug 24, 2011 1:36 am

Don't bother with management.  They are worthless and actually your enemy.  Better to just talk to anyone else and stay under the radar.

Most managers only hire when required or if it is part of their bonus.  They do not give a rats ass about rookies and will do just like you mentioned. 

No one EVER says anything good about the wires.  Think about it.