LAW Student wanting to break into financial field

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Jun 5, 2015 4:59 pm

I am a second year law student and I have an interest in the financial field.  I want to attain a position as an associate but am not really sure of how to go about this process.  I am also thinking about studying for the series 7 test this summer because I am not taking classes, but in the fall I would go back to law full time.  Would it be wise to study for the series 7 test to become familiar with the material and take the test later.  But that would present another situation, its sort of a catch 22 because to even qualify to sit for the exam obviously would have to be in the door at a firm already.  I am just balancing a lot and curious as to some steps that I could take to be able to get in the door of the financial world.  I have always been interested in law but don't necessarily want to work in law.  Thanks for any advice in this area