Is it worth getting licensed independently (series 63,65,66) just for resume purposes?

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Apr 22, 2011 3:13 pm

I am going to graduate college this summer and am on the job hunt. I currently work as a teller for JPMorgan Chase, and have 4+ years experience.

My ultimate goal is to become a financial advisor, preferrably for a bank. I have been applying for entry level positions and the only call back I have received is from MASSMUTUAL. I've read mixed reviews about MASSMUTUAL, and i can't afford to go without a paycheck, I need to pay rent.

I am contemplating becoming a personal banker and starting off around 45k per year for the meantime to get my sales experience up. Is it worth going and getting licensed independently just to put on my resume (Series 66)? A lot of these financial advisor positions have a pre-req of having your series 7 already, does that mean they won't train me for it?

Thanks in advance for the advice!!

Apr 23, 2011 2:35 pm


A 66 is a co-req of the series 7. Meaning that while you can take the test before you take the 7, you need to have passed the 7 before it becomes active.

The series 7 requires sponsership from a FINRA member firm.

Also, the 66 is more difficult then the 7 and builds on the foundations learned in the 7.

Good luck


Apr 25, 2011 1:31 am

Stay at the bank for now.  Eventually, if you are doing well there, they will offer to pay for your licenses and might let you become an FA there.  Once you have those licenses, you're free to go where you choose. 

This is probably a sick example, but realize that it is 1:30a.m. right now:

Think of it as, for some odd reason, you are unable to buy condoms until someone else (i.e., the bank, in this case) buys them for you.  Now, with your condoms in hand, you can go and sleep with whatever woman you want, but just be careful.  Some of them, if you make them angry, can come after you if you leave on bad terms, which, I guess, is like picking up an STI / STD. 

I'm referring to certain agreements you may be forced to sign up front. 

Apr 29, 2011 4:01 pm

wow.... what a picture he just drew for us.. But yeah he is right.  I would suggest become a banker and use the connection you get to jump to a been an Fa somewhere else.  I use to be on that route and honestly been a banker is very stressfull after a year at chase.  Anywhere else people can a banker for years but at Chase its like a sprint and you start getting burned out after a year.  But honestly its one of the best learning tools on how to structure a meeting with a client.  I think it should actually be considered mandatory.