Got an interview for a trainees program

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Jan 26, 2013 9:57 am

I got an interview at a manulife securities for a trainee program. Apparently they have a trainee program for those who want to become brokers. 
the interviewer said that for the first three months, a pipeline is being built but I at least want to see how they pitch me. 

So my qs:

1-what can I do to make me a better candidate? I have experience in telemarketing, I have setup my own call centre also but it didn't survive long.Big weakness is that I dropped out of university.
2-What should I expect?
3-What qualities are they looking for in the interview?
4-What are the red flags I should look out for and signal I should walk away? 
I can get my own leads, I setup my own business before, I can cold call no problem, BUT you know just hearing "we help you build your own business" (interviewers' words) is the kind of line Primerica use to attract suckers so I'm a bit wary. 

Is 3 months without pay the norm? I don't have the background in banking or finance. Interview is on monday.