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Best study guides for Series 7 and Series 63

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Mar 12, 2011 6:53 am

Hey guys, sorry if this is a commonly asked question, but I am new to the brokerage industry and need your advice on the best company/study guides to get for the series 7 and series 63.  I am willing to pay top dollar(money is not an issue) if it means a better study guide and more in depth information/more exams.  I just want to get the best material and I might as well spend the money on the best guide since I am investing in one in the first place.  Any recommendations would be great, thanks! I have read some people talk about Perfect Pass on this website and others say too. Thanks so much for your help.

Mar 14, 2011 4:29 am

I will give an endorsement for FireSolutions for the 7.  I did everything they said and studied like I should and I got an 80 about 2 weeks ago.  The options part was great and I got an over 90% on that section (it doesn't tell you how many you missed, only a range) and my test was LOADED with option questions.  They have videos and lesson plans and the tests were tough enough that you can add about 8 points to your final exam score (got an 72 on my practice final).  

Not sure on the 63 because my firm has us do the 66.  FireSolutions is below average on the 66 though.  I am using the Kaplan book and QBank and it has been good so far.  Good luck.