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Anybody Ever Heard of these People

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Aug 23, 2005 12:27 am

Anyone Ever Heard of these Folks? asp?loc=us&oMen=5&subO=&id=&cont=us/careerOp ps/default.asp?loc=us

Go To: "Become a WFG Associate" and click ..

They want to know what licenses you have.

Never heard of them ...

What IS this?

Aug 23, 2005 12:37 am


Do a Google Search...there is enough dirt on this group to convince even the dullest knife in the drawer that this is not a group with whom you want your name associated.

Short version...

A.L. Williams deceived thousands of people to "buy term & invest the difference" in the 80's...using part time insurance licensed blue collar people. They taught "all cah value insurance is bad."  "Cash Valve is Trash Value."

He was forced to sell oout in the early 90's and A.L. Williams became Primerica. Same story different chapter.  At this time one of the former Big Names in A. L. Williams cut out and started his own deal...but instead of selling over priced term insurance, they chose VUL Policies.  They called themseleves World "something or other" and then World Financial Group.

Nothing much else changed thoough.  Part skills or education...just get a license, sell your family & freinds...before you drop out.  Except now they also sell mutual funds and have a greater chance to really damage people's lives financially.

If you want to sell insurance their are 1700 other life comanies out there...any of whom would be a better choice.

My .02 cents.

Aug 23, 2005 2:55 am

Karina and the world!!!!

Do not join this MLM scam of goodwilled, blinded, excited, blurry ethicaled(new work :)), spirit pressed, sheep minded underlings that are being "Led from the Outer" money-blessed hard working infrastructure of LDS Mormons who have utilized the same structured trianing that their 18 year old missionaries 'must do'.

Karina and the world, I can say this with such assurance b/c I was targeted by a beautiful girl at a low in my marital life.  I went and was impressed at the energy in the first meeting.

I just knew it felt right, I was saying to myself (this is also what the missionary will say to you after 7 meetings if you have not converted or have biblical/theological knowledge to see thru their misleading mire)

....until I joined.  Then behind closed doors, it was not.   Being the optomist, I stuck around...."part-time" from 98-01(right before 9/11) selling ONLY VUL's from WesternReserve Life; which funded lots of the Las Vegas HYPE shows.

Do not get me wrong, it worked great for those with no personal ethical compass.   Wealthy consumers smell from afar how shady WMA; now WFG is.  Mr. Herbert Humphrey who was the owner, sold the whole show to WRL and Aegon during my period.

AEGON from Europe bought the show.  And that is what lures certain oppressed people; for which I was one during that time.

Only can get Life and Series 6,63.  Wholesalers love WMA b/c of how sheepish the non-MD's are.   Not Medical Doctor.....Marketing Director...which is a structuring scam.

THEN the NASD and SEC have stepped in...thank GOD.

During my period, I was going to college getting Economics/Pre-med, married with 2 infants, frustrated by much of my own bad choices since being immediately discharged from Navy after Desert Storm.  So we all can see, I was the perfect sucker for this.   

Since then, GOD and my spirit met and by the faith of a mustard seed, I finally put my foot down.   Left WMA first,  9/11 happened a few months later, finished the B.S., sold house( to pay for the WMA laziness) moved far away from WMA, saved my first marriage, went to a/any church got my spirit back, got a break at CharlesSchwab taking calls showing family that I always was/am better than WMA.  Recently got scooped up by Merrill Lynch as a FA.

So....believe in your true self....Jesus did, does and will always.  If you have no idea....just read the red print in the Bible.   

Aug 23, 2005 4:00 am

Brothers and Sisters.....can I get an AMEN! 

Praise God!

Aug 23, 2005 6:18 am

I think they charge a “franchise fee” of like 10k or something. I talked to them once, they wanted to send me to Jupiter, FL for a due dili meeting. It smelled funny. Why would I pay a franchise fee, when there are companies willing to pay me a salary or a stipend or something to come to them. That’s as far as I got. The web site if I remember was “murkey”. Like it was hard to find out what they really did. It reminded me of Amway. You suspect what it is but nobody will tell you until you see them start drawing circles.

Aug 24, 2005 11:32 pm

Praise the lord. Amen.

Just returned from the bible belt and what a joke. Two of the preachers were divorsed and had multiple children with multiple women, but they knew the bible.

Go Pat Roberts!

Aug 25, 2005 6:21 pm